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For the purpose of better controlling the product quality and production cycle, all the mechanical parts of our equipment are manufactured, processed and assembled in our own workshop. With the use of a complete range of processing equipment, from material cutting, polishing and milling to precise machining, we can fulfill customers' production requirements. The monthly production capacity of our workshop includes 20 sets of cold roll forming equipment, 5-8 sets of high-frequency pipe welding equipment, 8-10 sets of steel coil longitudinal/transverse shears, as well as the auxiliary equipment that is provided upon request.

Since we started trading internationally in 2007, we have offered quality services to customers from different regions, such as Europe, North America and the Middle East. Our products are manufactured under strict quality control. We carry out a diverse range of tests from sampling inspection to full inspection. Before assembly is conducted, each and every component must be strictly tested until it is up to standard.

  • Raw material

  • Raw material

  • Cutting raw material

  • Milling and machining

  • Machining center

  • Rough rollers

  • Finished roller tooling

Parts zone
Assembly and debugging section
Measuring tool
  • Micrometer for measurement of internal diameter

  • Micrometer for measurement of external diameter

  • Micrometer available for measuring both the internal and external diameters of workpieces

  • Vernier caliper used for measuring length as well as internal and external diameters

  • Vernier caliper provided for measuring length as well as internal and external diameters

  • Height measuring tool

  • Angle measuring tool

  • This angle measurer is used to check if the angle is vertically opposite or not.

  • The cast iron straight edge is ideal for measuring the straightness and flatness of workpieces.

  • Level measurement device