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Tube & Pipe Mill

The pipe and tube mill is primarily used to produce high frequency straight seam welded pipes for metallurgy, construction, communication, mechanics, furniture and vehicles. This production line uses advanced, reliable, and economical processes with advanced furnishings to ensure the products reach not only a high quality level, but competitive pricing and a strong competitive place on the market.

    1. ERW Pipe Mill / API Oil Tube MillThe ERW tube mill and pipe mill is a series of machines that builds longitudinal weld seam tubes and pipes with steel strips of a certain width.
    1. High Frequency ERW Pipe Welding LineThis production line is primarily used to make square, round square, rectangular and other shaped carbon steel, stainless steel and other alloy steel pipes.
    1. Large Diameter Spiral Welded Steel Pipe LineThe spiral welded pipe mill is used to roll low carbon steel and low alloy steel strips into tubes at specific angles, and then further weld it into a steel pipe using a submerged arc welder.

The machine is comprised of an uncoiler, cutting head, strip steel hard tail butt welding, looping storage, forming, high frequency induction welding, external burr removal, cooling, sizing, cutting, roll tables and benches, checking and collecting processes, and a binding and accessing warehouse.

The rolling speed is adjustable within correspondence of a suitable range of pipe diameters and wall thicknesses. Please contact us for more information.