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Auxiliary Equipment

The Auxiliary equipments refer to machines for metal sheets before being formed and profiles after formed.

The equipments for metal sheets including Steel coil slitting equipment, cutting to length equipment, embossing line and so on.

    1. Slitting LineIt is used for slitting wide steel coils into smaller width strips coils. On the upper/lower blade axle of slitting machine, there is the round disk blade; it could be adjusted on the blade axle according to the slitting width, use screw and sleeve to lock on the blade axle.
    1. Cut To Length Line Suitable material: Aluminum/Hot rolled/cold rolled/galvanized/stainless steel coils (as requests)
      Material thickness: 0.3-25mm (as requests)
    1. CNC Folder & SlitterThe numerical control folder & slitter is flexibly used to fold and slit work piece which is unsuitable for traditional pressing system.
    1. Simple Cutting-to-Length and Slitting MachineThis machine is a piece of accessory equipment for the accessorial roll forming machines and folding machines, and is used to slit coil sheets to strips, and transfer the coils for support.
    1. Coil Embossing LineProducts Usage:This machine is the accessorial equipment for roll forming machine.
    1. Crimping/Curving MachineAll projects include engineering, drawings and project management are treated similarly as a new metal forming equipment order.
    1. Automatic Roof Seaming MachineIt is widely used to seam roof panels, and features a light weight, small size, easy operation and easy to maintain performance, especially given its narrow edge starting point.
    1. Logo PrinterPrint Speed: Maximum Speed is 1,666 characters per second (single line at the lattice of 5 x 5), equal to 255 meters per minute.

According to roll former profiles’ requirements, these auxiliary equipments process origin coils into required sizes in width, length or pattern.

The equipments for profiles after formed include curving machine, bending machine, logo printer, seaming machine and so on.

To meet installation requirements, the finished formed profiles should be bent to special shapes by bending or curving machines. Seaming machine is used specially for locking large span roofing sheets together.

All of these relative devices and parts can be found in Hangzhou Roll Forming Technology Co., Ltd.

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