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Automatic Roof Seaming Machine

Roof Seaming Machine / Seaming Machine / Automatic Seaming Machine

  •  Automatic Roof Seaming Machine
  •  Automatic Roof Seaming Machine
  •  Automatic Roof Seaming Machine
  •  Automatic Roof Seaming Machine

Brief Introduction
This machine is an accessory to roof forming roll machines. It is widely used to seam roof panels, and features a light weight, small size, easy operation and easy to maintain performance, especially given its narrow edge starting point.

Composition and Description
The machine mainly consists of the frame, rollers, motor and gear transmission system. The motor and gear transmission system drives fixed and unfixed rollers in their rotation, and the roller material uses alloy steel with a quenching treatment for the hardness, seaming quality and excellent duration.

  • layout drawing

  • suitable profile drawings

Technical Parameters:
Suitable material: steel sheet
Thickness: 0.4-0.7mm
Yield stress: 235-345(MPa)
Working speed: About 8(m/min)
Motor power: About 1.1(KW)
Roller material: No. 45 steel
Power: AC220V, 50Hz, 1 phase
Machine dimension: (length × width × height) 600×350×400(mm)

Service and Terms
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